Our Story

We are Ritzy

We are a brand specializing in accessories for men with a particular taste. We are based in the region of Tel-Aviv in Israel.

We are here for the different, for those who are misunderstood, for those who innovate and change our lives on a daily basis.

At The Beginning

A year ago, before we were founded, we were thinking about different possible ways to start delivering unique value to individuals, especially those who share our vision.

Being big earth lovers and perfectionists in heart, we figured why shouldn't we combine the beautiful elements this world has to offer with our relentless pursuit of uniqueness and individuality.

And thus.. Ritzy was born.

Uniqueness & Individuality

On Ritzy you can find seemingly normal accessories for men. Although soon enough you will discover that most of our accessories have a little twist on them, just like you and us as special individuals.

Our watches are mostly crafted by hand combining fine woods and our bracelets are made from fine silver.

And above all, every product we produce is a wearable proof of superior craftsmanship and a big heart that we possess for this fine world and the individuals in it.

Giving Back

Once Ritzy was up and running, we sat down again and started thinking of new ways to give back to this wonderful world that we owe so much and which had a major role in our success so far.

After a while, we finally had the revelation we were looking for.

We stumbled upon an organization called OneTreePlanted. You may already know about them but just in case you don't, they are a non profit organization who are dedicated to planting trees around the world!

Soon enough we contacted them and started a collaboration in which every order made on our store results in one tree planted around the world!

We simply couldn't find a better way to repay our debt to the world we live in than this.

To Conclude

We know we are different, we know we are unique, all we hope is that you are too!


We always like to meet new people and to build new relationships with like minded individuals.

So if you want to contact us for any reason, either a business proposal or a question about a product, please don't hesitate!

You can reach us using the "Contact Us" page or alternatively on mail at - info@ritzy.co.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.